Now available in english: Mogens Jensen: “The Zeppelin Base in Tondern”

Senest ændret den 11. marts 2024 9:44

Located a few kilometers north of Tondern (Tønder in Danish) are the remains of a German airship base from the First World War 1914 -1918. It is located in the part of Denmark which – after the war with Prussia and Austria – was seceded to Prussia in 1864 and returned to Denmark in 1920.

The base was home for the German Imperial Navy’s Zeppelins, and from here the airships flew on missions to oversee the movements of the British Fleet and to bomb targets in Great Britain. The base ceased to be operational after a spectacular British raid in July 1918.

The base’s short, but dramatic history is the subject of this book by Mogens Jensen, who, using so far unused source material, describes the daily life for the airship and ground personnel of the base.

112 pages, more than 100 illustrations, 25€

To buy the book, contact the publisher:

Historisk Samfund for Sønderjylland
Haderslevvej 45
6200 Aabenraa
74 62 46 83

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